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Deadlines and reminders

Stay on top of your tasks with deadlines and reminders

Setting deadlines and reminders is simple with dypt. You can add up to three reminders for each task leading up to the deadline, ensuring you stay on top of your tasks even on busy days.

Video overview

Visual learner? Check out the video on deadlines and priorities

Setting deadlines

What's a Deadline?

A deadline is a date and time by which a task must be completed. It's a great way to keep track of when a task is due.

Setting a deadline for a task is straightforward.

Either click the due button in the Edit task dialog or click the menu icon at the right of a task and select Deadline.

The deadline picker will open. Alternatively press the "d" key to open the deadline picker.

You can select from one of the quick-set options (e.g. "end of day") or enter a date and time manually.

You can also set a deadline for a task by selecting a day in the calendar and pressing add task.

You can filter by deadline, see the filtering and sorting page.

Setting reminders

What's a Reminder?

A reminder is a notification sent to you ahead of a task's deadline, to ensure you remember to complete the task on time. It's a handy tool to keep you on track.

Enabling notifications

Before you set reminders, ensure you've enabled notifications. Notifications are device specific, so you'll need to enable them on each device you use dypt on.

  1. When you login to dypt for the first time on a new device, a prompt will pop up at the top of the screen inviting you to enable notifications
  2. Press "Enable"
  3. Allow the browser (or your app if you've installed dypt) to send you notifications by pressing "Allow" on the permission prompt

You'll receive a welcome notification within a few minutes to confirm it's working.

Reenabling notifications

If you initially disabled notifications, you can enable them via the deadline picker.

  1. Open the deadline picker for any task
  2. If notifications are disabled, you'll see an "Enable notifications" button
  3. Press "Enable notifications"
  4. Press "Allow" on the permission prompt that follows

Supported devices

Notifications work on all major browsers and devices including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, both on desktop and mobile.

There are however, several caveats to be aware of:

  • If you're using Apple iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad), notifications are only supported on iOS 16.4+ and you need to install dypt
  • If you're using macOS (e.g. Macbook Pro), notifications are only supported on macOS 14+ via Safari
  • If you're using dypt on a computer, notifications are only sent whilst the browser is open (but you don't have to have the dypt tab open specifically)
  • You can also install dypt on your computer for a native app like experience. Doing so will allow you to receive notifications even when the browser or app is closed
  • Notifications are not supported on the Brave browser or in any browser in incognito mode as these explicitly block notifications

Adding reminders to a task

  1. Open the deadline picker for the task and select a deadline.
  2. If notifications are enabled, you'll see an "Add reminder" button.
  3. Click "Add reminder" to set up to three reminders for each task.
  4. Select how long before the deadline you'd like to be reminded and press "Save".

At the time of your reminder, you'll receive a notification on your device. Clicking on the notification will take you straight to the task in dypt.

You can come back to the deadline picker at any time to edit or remove your reminders. After a reminder has been sent, you'll see "Sent" in green text next to it.

You can delete any future reminders if you change your mind by pressing the cross icon and then pressing "Save".

Reminders and shared tasks

When a task is shared with you, you won't be able to set or receive reminders for it. This is a feature we're working on and will be available soon.

Disabling notifications

To disable notifications, go to the Notifications menu and set "Device notifications" to off.

You will no longer receive task reminders on your device.

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