Using dypt

Managing multiple tasks

Managing multiple tasks at once

dypt makes it simple to manage multiple tasks at once. Whether you want to move a task to a different parent, change a tasks status, or delete a task, you can do it all in one place.

Multiple selection mode

The first step is to enable multiple selection mode. To do this, click the "Multiple selection" button in the subtasks header, next to the task details button. You can also press "Shift + m" to toggle multiple selection mode.

You'll see that the subtasks now have additional purple checkboxes next to them on the right and that a control panel has appeared at the top of the subtasks.

Selecting subtasks

When multiple selection mode is active, all the usual ways of selecting a subtask become inactive. For example, whilst you can still see the status checkboxes on the left of a task for reference, clicking on them will not change the status of the task.

Select all the subtasks that you would like to update by checking the purple checkbox on the right, or by pressing "Space" when a subtask is selected with the keyboard.

Alternatively, you can press the "all" or "none" buttons in the multi mode control panel to select all or none of the subtasks to speed up the selection process.

Performing an action on multiple subtasks

Now that you have made your selection of subtasks, you will see that the action buttons in the multi mode control panel have become active. Click on one of the actions to apply that action to all of the selected subtasks.

After the action is complete, multiple selection mode will be disabled, and you should be able to see the results of your action.

Disabling multiple selection mode

If you change your mind, you can disable multiple selection mode at any time by clicking the "Multiple selection" button again in the subtasks header. You can also press "Shift + m" to toggle multiple selection mode.

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