Using dypt

Keyboard shortcuts

Fly around dypt with ease using keyboard shortcuts

We have full featured support for keyboard shortcuts. It's the fastest way to navigate around dypt.

Shift + DGo to the dashboard
Shift + TGo to tasks
Shift + cGo to the calendar
Task page navigation
Go to previous task
Go to next task
Go to selected task
Go to parent task
]Next page
[Previous page
Shift + ]Last page
Shift + [First page
Shift + ↑Move task up
Shift + ↓Move task down
hGo home
fSearch for a task
Shift + RCycle number of tasks per page
Shift + nGo to add task input
EscStop editing / Deselect / Dismiss
Manage tasks
eEdit selected task title
Shift + e (w/ selected task)Edit selected task
Shift + e (no selected task)Edit parent task
nView notes
mMove task
cCopy task
aArchive/unarchive task
Delete,BackspaceDelete task
dOpen deadline picker
tOpen time tracking dialog
sOpen share dialog
rOpen repeat dialog
SpaceToggle task complete
0,1,2,3Set no,low,mid,high priority
Multiple selection mode
Shift + mToggle multiple selection mode
+ (plus)Select all tasks on page
- (minus)Deselect all tasks
SpaceAdd task to selection
* (asterisk)Mark tasks as completed
_ (underscore)Mark tasks as not started
0,1,2,3Set no,low,mid,high priority
aArchive tasks
uUnarchive tasks
mMove tasks
tGenerate AI time estimates
Delete,BackspaceDelete tasks
AI task generation
gGenerate AI subtasks
iGenerate AI ideas
sGenerate AI shopping list
pGenerate AI packing list
Shift + aToggle show/hide archived tasks
Shift + sToggle status filters
0,1,2,3Set no,low,mid,high priority
Shift + 0,1,2,3Set priority filters
Adding a task
EnterAdd task
Ctrl + EnterAdvanced add task
Ctrl + Shift + EnterAdd task and AI break down
Shift + EnterNew line
Notes page
EscStop editing / Deselect / Dismiss
Delete,BackspaceDelete note
Back to previous page
Go to associated task